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Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 NextBuick, another GM brand, debuted its all-new Encore and Encore GX, two small/compact SUVs at the Shanghai auto show.The tax would apply to purchases of shares in over 500 companies in the ten countries. In Germany, 145 companies would be affected.Media reports said at least 12 people died in the western Indian state of Rajasthan due to heavy rain and strong wind.



  • OSLO, July 30 (Xinhua) -- Record high temperature that happened in Norway over the past few days led to big melting of glaciers and some of them might disappear in several years, public broadcaster NRK reported Tuesday.
  • The red alert represents the most severe situation in China's four-tier color-coded weather warning system, followed by orange, yellow and blue.
  • The province has vowed to make its total length of expressways reach 10,000 kilometers by 2022, according to a Guizhou action plan for expressway construction, released by the provincial department of transportation.
  • "Around 1 in 20 cancers in Australia are associated with overweight or obesity, yet, critically, 28 percent of our adult population is classified as obese, which compares poorly with many other OECD nations."
  • The move is part of new reform and opening-up measures for Hainan announced by Xi at a conference celebrating the 30th anniversary of the province and special economic zone on Friday.



  Niji Lamu and her family pose for a photo in front of their house. (Xinhuanet/Zhang Chen)"We feel hurt that we are accused by Germany of lack of solidarity," said Orban, adding that "we protect our border with 8,000 armed soldiers for 24 hours, and that clearly means also a help for Germany, because refugees who are rejected, do not come to Germany."Papercuts and couplets are traditional decorations for Chinese New Year. People often cut auspicious images, such as birds and flowers, into red paper, and post it on a window or ceiling.


Midfielders: Julian Brandt (Bayer Leverkusen), Julian Draxler (PSG), Leon Goretzka (FC Bayern), Ilkay Gundogan (Manchester City), Kai Havertz (Bayer Leverkusen), Toni Kroos (Real Madrid)
The 45-year-old, who hails from the United Kingdom, is an art teacher at an international school in north China's Tianjin Municipality. He has been fond of traditional Chinese culture, such as martial arts and calligraphy, since childhood.“而它们不同之处在于,去敦煌大漠,是在最远离人群的地方,去丈量历史的深度。而到王府井广场,是在最热闹的人群当中,去感受历史的温度。中国的文化,就是这深度和温度的结合,也正是‘Unity 融’系列的精髓。你能从这些衣服中找到任何你生活中的角色,这是温度;你也能从每一件衣服完美的廓形和工艺里看到千年历史的影子—— 神似而非形似,这是深度。”
A guerilla war is going on between militants and Indian troopers stationed in the region since 1989. Of late Indian policemen have also been trained to fight the militants.BEIJING, Aug. 24 (Xinhua) -- A graphical book about the Yellow River has been released at the ongoing 26th Beijing International Book Fair.
Citing U.S. National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow, the Wall Street Journal said that the call represented "a thaw" in relations.
"We need concerted, concrete efforts to overcome stereotypes and biases," he said.
For 2019, Zalando confirmed its full-year guidance of GMV growth of between 20 and 25 percent, revenue growth at the low end of this range. Adjusted EBIT is anticipated by Zalando to range between 175 million and 225 million euros while capital expenditure is expected to amount to around 300 million euros.by Maria Spiliopoulou


  • JERUSALEM, May 29 (Xinhua) -- Israel's military said on Tuesday morning that a mortar shell attack from Gaza had hit southern Israel, causing no injuries.
  • Risks remain, however, and they include erosion of export competitiveness due to rapidly rising real wages, a buildup of vulnerabilities from a prolonged real estate and construction boom, potential election-related uncertainty, and periodic jolts of protectionism and escalating trade disputes between the world's largest trading nations.
  • "Siemens Healthineers is now ready for its stock exchange debut," according to a statement by Michael Sen, chairman of Siemens' supervisory board.
  • Horani and his colleagues further found that the three proteins form a scaffold on which the molecular motor later is to be built.
  • Susanna and her husband from a town near Berlin took their 4-year-old and 2-year-old to visit the mill, because one of their children once saw a mill on a book and thought "it was cool". Susanna felt fortunate that some mills are still well preserved so that children could see them in real life.Produced by Xinhua Global ServiceSome rail lines, motorways and numerous roads have been closed. The conditions also led to traffic jams and accidents.
  • ATHENS, Jan. 30 (Xinhua) -- Greece raised 812.5 million euros (927.2 million U.S. dollars) on Wednesday in a 26-week treasury bills auction, the country's Public Debt Management Agency (PDMA) said.Meanwhile, a source from the Popular Resistance Committees, a coalition of armed Palestinian groups in Gaza, said the agreement came into effect at midnight.
  • The charred bodies of 25 persons, including parents embracing their children, were discovered earlier at Argira Akti (Silver coast) at Mati resort town near a beach-side tavern just a few meters from the water.




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      According to Iliopoulos, Athens needs more green spaces, and a new waste management and energy policy. "We are here to complain about the consequences of climate change and to act for nature, flora, fauna, the natural environment, our lives, our own future," Evgenia, a high school graduate, told Xinhua.

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      重庆时时九码资料官网"The economic downturn is hardly noticeable for most consumers yet," said Harms. "Wages have risen significantly in recent years and, in view of low interest rates, saving is not worthwhile."

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    A total of 8,072 infections were confirmed by the RKI on Wednesday, bringing Germany's total caseload so far to almost 2.3 million. The death toll rose by 813 to reach 62,969.

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    重庆时时九码资料官网Regrettably, the meeting failed to include the part of opposing trade protectionism in the ministerial statement due to objections from the U.S. side, thus it only expressed concerns about the trade friction in the Chairman's Statement prepared by the Japanese side.

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    Every time Gaza militants fire rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israeli, Israeli war jets retaliate and strike on military facilities that belong to Hamas militants and other armed groups.

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    重庆时时九码资料官网Organizers also announced that 2009 and 2011 world marathon champion Abel Kirui will be among the headliners in the men's field. Kirui will be targeting the Kipchoge's course record of two hours, five minutes and 30 seconds.

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    Nevertheless, the CSU leadership committee was widely expected to give Seehofer the green light to press ahead unilaterally with his "migration master plan" and begin refusing asylum seekers at the German border from a still-undefined date onwards.

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    重庆时时九码资料官网"It was pretty close to the perfect race, definitely the perfect first 300m, and then you only have to glide the last 100 meters. This was the best race of my career," noted the 28-year-old.

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